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Offering a full line of professional security products, ranging from mechanical lock hardware and keys, to electronic access control systems. Serving North America and global markets, RA-Lock offers a full line of industrial locking solutions and door hardware security products ranging from mechanical solutions to electronic access control.

We represent and have partnered with many best in class manufacturers including Medeco Cam Locks, Abloy, Alarm Lock, ASSA, Ceco, CompX, Graham, Key Systems, Marshall Best Security Corporation, McKinney, Proxess, Yale, and more.Intelligent Key Systems provide many of the same benefits as a traditional electronic access control system, yet the installation is more efficient and cost-effective.

Medeco 4 (M4) is the newest high security locking technology from Medeco Security Locks. The new design features a moveable element in the key to enhance security and protect against unauthorized key duplication with 3D printers. The M4 Series is a full line of replacement cylinders that will upgrade almost any locking hardware to the highest levels of security and key control.

read more › Cam Locks are some of the most versatile locks on the market we offer. These locking devices are most widely used to lock casino slot machines, vending machines, cabinets, display cases, and much more. The versatile nature of the "cam" (coming in many shapes, sizes, and finishes) make this lock suitable for any need and security level you might require.

read more › The unique design of the T-Handle Locks provides triple locking action, making the locks virtually pick proof. From general purpose models offering basic key control and pick resistance, to stainless steel bolt and shell models, T-handle Cylinders, can be resistant to the most severe forms of vandalism and physical attack.

read more › RA-Lock has earned a reputation as a high-quality OEM lock provider with products trusted to last. We offer OEM lock solutions to customers from all different industries and have extensive expertise to help you choose the right locking system. Our client was struggling to prevent break-ins and theft despite using integrated steel barricades, hardened steel padlocks, and shields. Our approach goes beyond just providing locks. We know that relationships are just as important and provide guidance to make the best product selection and smart design choices.

read more › Facilities refer to commercial buildings that have multiple entry points that need access control systems to be secured physically with mechanical or electro-mechanical locking systems. A majority of the examples listed above have hundreds of doors that not only protect assets, but also protect people. A core element of this protection is a locking system using mechanical locks or smart access control. RA-Lock offers key management systems and asset management solutions to store and manage mechanical/smart keys and card readers with our Key Systems, Inc. product line.

read more › RA-Lock is working with Fastenal to provide solutions for entities seeking to drive their Supplier Diversity goals while meeting their needs for quality service and value. Through this strategic alliance, RA-Lock is an authorized reseller for a vast range of quality Maintenance, Repair & Operation (MRO) products supplied by Fastenal. With more than 160 Fastenal stores in Texas, RA-Lock and Fastenal are right there with the products you need, no matter where the job takes you.

read more › Customized security solutions are often needed for high-profile targets, such as ATM Machines. Our client was struggling to prevent break-ins and theft despite using integrated steel barricades, hardened steel padlocks, and shields. They needed a locking system that could withstand burglar's attempts to weaken the existing barriers with acetylene torches. Custom barricades for drive thru bank ATMs make it more difficult to quickly smash an ATM open or pull it from its foundation by using a vehicle and chain.

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