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The industry leader in metal and polycarbonate electrical enclosures, custom fabrication and Drive-Alert vehicle detection and asset protection systems!. Mier Products, Inc. is the manufacturing specialist in electrical enclosures, custom fabrication, and Drive-Alert vehicle detection and asset protection systems.

For more than 30 years, Mier has been recognized as a provider of high-quality products, all made in the U.S. Quality, innovation, and customer satisfaction is the driving motivation behind the culture at Mier.You don't have to own a manufacturing plant to realize the benefits of one. With Mier as your fabrication partner, you can leverage their years of experience and competitive pricing in over 500 standard-line products, as well as small to large custom runs.

Use their proficiency to design and build metal or polycarbonate enclosures and fabricated parts, or set-up the ideal Drive-Alert system to meet your specific installations. Using Mier's enclosures or Drive-Alerts will enhance and distinguish your products from all others, in addition to saving you assembly and installation time and expense.

read more › Need help choosing the right Mier product for your installation, or information about pricing and purchasing one of our products?. If you are looking to design a custom (OEM) enclosure or Drive-Alert system, or if you just need help finding the right enclosure or Drive-Alert system for your particular application, please contact us directly at 1-800-473-0213 or info@mierproducts.com. To find a distributor near you, click your state/province in the Where to Buy tab below. If you want pricing or wish to purchase one of our standard enclosures or Drive-Alert vehicle detection systems, please contact one of our North American Security Distributors by clicking a state or province below.

read more › Mier's popular lines of metal and non-metallic polycarbonate enclosures are specially designed to accommodate a wide variety of uses in the security, fire, electrical, and construction industries. These durable boxes offer easy solutions to most installation problems! Various models of boxes are available. We have MANY options available! Because they are designed with your needs in mind, Mier boxes are built for rugged use and tough environments. Yet, they are distinctively modern in styling - and designed for faster, labor-saving installation.

read more › Mier's popular lines of enclosures are designed to accommodate a wide variety of low-voltage uses. This extensive list of durable boxes offers a solution to most installation problems when it comes to size, style, and convenience. In addition to the boxes listed here, Mier Products manufactures other styles and types of indoor and outdoor metal and non-metallic boxes, and offers a line of high-quality Cam Locks to take security one step further. BW-98BPGUL - a UL Listed, Gray model of the BW-98 with a 5"x7" white, 14-gauge, removable back panel.

read more › Mier's extensive line of durable polycarbonate boxes offers a solution to most installation problems when it comes to size, style, and convenience. In addition to the enclosures listed here, Mier manufactures cost-effective and highly customizable metal enclosures, and offers a line of high quality Cam Locks to take security one step further. Click the Enclosures, Cabinets, Boxes or Cans tab above for other enclosure styles. Every model comes standard with mounting system, gasket, multiple standoffs for easy back-panel/component/DIN rail installation, F1 UV protection, warp resistance, removable doors, lockable latches, and UL designation stickers.

read more › Mier Products' NVR, DVR and CPU Lockboxes are designed to protect the most vital element of your security system. In short, these lockboxes protect the equipment that protects you! Scroll down to see standard, rack mount and tower lockbox models and features. Go to Temperature Controlled Enclosures to see Outdoor DVR Lockboxes. Our DVR, CPU & VCR Lockboxes are durable and painted with textured black powder-coat finish. They include a 120 volt continuous-duty fan (12 volt available) that works in conjunction with the louvered design to provide maximum airflow.

read more › Protect electronics in wireless applications, marine/shipping or coastal installations, irrigation sites, wastewater treatment areas, on poles or towers, and other extremes! The "FC Series" fan-cooled & ventilated NEMA 3R outdoor/indoor enclosures are an inexpensive choice for installation where you need air-flow exchange to ventilate your components mounted within enclosures. However, please keep in mind fan-cooled & ventilated enclosures simply exchange internal air for the external air. Therefore, Fan-Cooled models are not recommended for extreme high-temperature nor extreme low temperature environments.

read more › Mier Products' Outdoor Enclosures are made of either durable galvanealed or cold-rolled steel and are painted with an outdoor, powder-coated finish, or out of polycarbonate, non-metallic material. They are designed and manufactured to provide a degree of protection against rain, sleet, snow, ice, dirt and dust. Scroll down to see models and features. For outdoor applications needing temperature control, visit our outdoor NEMA 4 and NEMA 3R Temperature Controlled Enclosures page. Installation is important in extending the life of the enclosures.

read more › Our temperature controlled enclosures with air conditioners, heaters, and thermostats are perfect for mounting fire-panels, DVRs or electronic equipment outside. Fan-cooled enclosures are also available. If you don't see what you are looking for, please call us and our customer service people can help with your needs. Installation is important in extending the life of the enclosures. These air-conditioned enclosures and heated enclosures carry a NEMA rating. Therefore, they have exterior mounting brackets and come with punched holes to permit the installation of the AC and fan units, but have no other holes.

read more › Rack mount products from Mier include rack mount shelf units, rack fan-cooled enclosures, rack mount locking drawers, and outdoor NEMA 3R fan-ventilated 12 RU Rack Enclosures, and outdoor NEMA 4 Air-Conditioned and Heated 12 RU Rack-Enclosures. Do not mount enclosures equipped with air-conditioners on outside walls of apartments, offices, condos or homes to prevent AC vibration from becoming a nuisance to those who live/work on the other side of the wall. Just as a home or business' AC units are mounted a few feet away or on the roof to prevent noise to those who live/work within, Mier recommends mounting temperature-controlled enclosures on concrete pads using angle-iron or poles, or mounting them on walls not common to living/work areas within.

read more › These Siren and Speaker Boxes are used to protect your sirens and speakers while allowing for maximum sound output. These metal enclosures are designed as indoor or outdoor enclosures, and different styles are available for easy installation. Scroll down to see more models and features. Mier Products, Inc.'s Limited Warranty Program, for Standard Line or Custom Metal Enclosures and Parts, protects the original owner for 30 days from the date of purchase against defects in original parts or workmanship.

read more › Mier's most popular Special Application Enclosures are the DocBoxes and Laptop/Tablet Workstations. These highly adaptable locking enclosures are extremely durable and provide protection for their contents, and peace of mind for their users. Customized models, like the yellow units (in this image) are also available. If you don't see what you are looking for on the Mier Products website, check out the Mier Product Catalog or just give us a call toll-free at 1-800-473-0213 and we can help! Just mount the enclosure as a standard red box, or choose from one of the following labels (all included): "Fire Alarm Documents" "As Built Permits" "Test and Maintenance Documents".

read more › Drive-Alerts have been the security industry's most popular vehicle detection systems for over 40 years, and they are manufactured by the pioneer in vehicle detection technology. Mier Product's Drive-Alert Vehicle Detection Systems detect vehicle movement in driveways, farm lanes, near workshops or equipment, at remote locations, and at drive-up windows. These driveway alarm systems are also excellent for stationary asset protection. Use it anywhere knowledge of vehicle movement, or tampering with equipment, is desired.

read more › Custom Metal Fab & Enclosures Experts Mier design engineers can design any box to your needs. You don't have to own a metal fabricating plant to realize the benefits of one. With Mier as your partner, you can use our expertise and experience to design and build metal enclosures, non-metallic enclosures or fabricated parts that meet your specific needs. You pick your own shapes, sizes, features, and custom painted metal boxes - and we do the rest. Just scroll down to see our design-a-box kit, give us a call at 800-473-0213, or email us at info@mierproducts.com.

read more › Custom Brand Your Company's Enclosures Powder coatings & graphic screen printing for a durable, attractive finish. We want to make sure your metal enclosures make the statement you or your customer want. You may choose from just about any color you can think of, or save a little money by choosing one of the standard colors shown above. Regardless of what color you choose for your finish, consider the final product: Will your enclosure be used inside or outside? We will paint your utility boxes accordingly.

read more › More popular models and sizes in our expanded UL Listed Enclosure Line from Mier Products. These enclosures are ideal for installation of security, fire, WiFi and electrical equipment. Mier Product's new "Premium Line" enclosures are UL Listed, thicker gauge, and come in either Gray (electrical) or Red (fire). These 32 new metal enclosures join our Polycarbonate Line to provide Mier's customers with over 80 UL Listed models now in stock! All are available with options including removable interior, thick-gauge, back panels.

read more › The addition of non-metallic enclosures to a large inventory of metal enclosures makes fabricator Mier Products a one-stop shop for enclosures. As a longtime manufacturer of painted metal enclosures for the security, fire and electronic industries, we have heard a continuing call for non-metallic boxes. So it is a natural move for Mier to introduce.

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