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Solutions2 Low-Voltage work is the design, installation, and repair for structured cabling, security cameras, telephone systems, fire and alarm systems. A trusted low-voltage company provides reliable communications and security products and services. Low-Voltage contractors require a state issued license. Always verify first.

Companies of all sizes in Georgia and surrounding states call Solutions2 Low-Voltage for our expertise in network infrastructure cabling, surveillance solutions, and business-class telephone systems. We approach every project with a "do it right the first time" mentality, starting with examining your facility to determine the right solution for your

Choosing the right cabling system for your business, installing it properly, and ensuring it's compliant with industry standards is a challenge. You need an experienced, licensed contractor to get the job done right or face frustrating problems down the road. If you ever considered new security cameras for your business, you probably felt overwhelmed

DON'T FORGET about low-voltage cabling! In order to keep up with new-construction work deadlines, the low-voltage work needs to be part of it! Unfortunately, low-voltage often gets overlooked and rushed for installation at the last minute. That leads to less quality and headaches for the customer down the road. We are very aware of that issue, having

If you ever considered new security cameras for your business, you probably felt overwhelmed by the volume of options on the market. In addition to brand, price, and resolution, there are also many technical aspects you need to consider. Solutions2 has expertise with all top-of-the-line security cameras and we can help you find the model that fits your

Many of our clients are looking to move away from traditional landline telephones, but don't have the expertise to choose and install a new system. So they turn to Solutions2's cloud phone specialists for advice and support. Whether you decide to implement Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) telephony or a hosted PBX system, our licensed technicians

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