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For over 60 years, Jackson Security Services has been serving and protecting its community. You can feel confident knowing you have the peace of mind that comes from JSS. As seasoned experts in the security and alarm industry, JSS continually improves on its technology, service and product offerings, ensuring high-quality, reliable results that customers have come to expect.

A security system is more than an alarm. You can choose a system that includes things like glass break and motion detectors. You can set lights to turn off and on in your absence, which can be a great deterrent when you're gone for extended periods of time or on vacation. Remote access allows you to lock and unlock doors. Our fire alarm systems have the capability to notify both you and the fire station.

Not only that, but they can also send you data showing the exact location of the fire within the home. This provides additional insight if you are viewing remotely. And, of course, the alarm sounds in your home to alert you of an issue.

Jackson Electric was founded in 1949 by Tennis and Alma Jackson, and has been a trusted provider of electric and security services in West Alabama for over 65 years. Residential and commercial security services were first introduced as a part of the electric company in 1953. In 1972, Chuck Turner became a partner of Tennis Jackson Electric Company and

There was a time when you could go to sleep and leave your front door unlocked. Unfortunately, things have changed. It's more important than ever to protect what matters most to you. At Jackson Security Services, we offer West Alabama residents high-quality solutions for their residential and commercial security needs. With our services, peace of mind

Unfortunately, crime happens everywhere. Home invasions, break-ins, and other threats loom large in the news headlines. However, the good news is that technology makes it much easier to protect your home and family. To protect your home most effectively, you need a safety plan designed just for you by a licensed security technician. The layout of your

Fire alarm systems are lifesaving security systems. By installing a fire alarm or fire monitoring system, you're taking steps toward protecting your family and your home from disaster. Jackson Security Services offers Tuscaloosa residents multiple fire system options and an easy installation process. Learn about our featured systems and make an appointment

With security gate operators, your home will become truly safe. Residential and commercial properties alike have something to gain with these devices that ensure you are safe inside while everyone else stays outside. A security gate offers convenience, security, and increased value. Anyone without one would do well to learn the benefits to see why they

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