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Welcome to Home Systems of New Jersey Inc., your full-service Security, Fire, Home Theater and Audio Installer. Whether residential or commercial, each Home Systems of New Jersey project is custom designed to fit your budget and lifestyle. We are here for you, the consumer, to provide the best in home, office and retail technology for today and the future.

read more › Since 1992, for more than a decade, Home Systems of New Jersey, Inc. has been providing consumers with expert workmanship and the latest in home technology. Home Systems of New Jersey's President, Glenn Evans, has seen his vision grow over the years to provide the consumer with the best in home technology for the future. Here's what this means to you, the consumer. We bring you technology options for your new home. After we professionally install your new system, we not only explain it, but also demonstrate the products in great detail.

read more › Treat your new home to state of the art wiring! Home Systems of NJ offers Structure Wiring for new homes. Structured Wiring is a term that describes a series of cables that run from most of your rooms back to a central panel. The panel contains components that regulate all electronic systems within the house and to the outside world. You can be anywhere in your home or in the world and have easy and secure access to all your home systems. The systems are scalable & flexible and you can easily add new services as they become available.

read more › It has been a pleasure dealing with your company. The courteous and professional manner in which we have been treated has made the whole process rather enjoyable. Frank did an outstanding job setting up the security system and also very nicely explained workings of the system. Good job! I am writing to thank you for installing my central vacuum and updating the security system and to let you know how impressed I am with your employee, Dave. Dave is always professional, detail oriented and very personable.

read more › The wiring infrastructure in most homes has not changed in 50 years and is unable to fully support the technologies that are available to consumers today. However, today's wiring systems are created to handle today's technologies and provide the electronic foundation for a "connected home." This advanced infrastructure is necessary to ensure that your family can be connected to today's services and prepared for new technologies. The service center. This service center is the part where all outside services enter the home, including cable TV, telephone, DSS satellite, Internet, etc.

read more › The safety of your home, your possessions and your family is a top priority. An alarm system may deter a burglar from breaking into your home, and a fire alarm security system can alert you and your loved ones of immediate danger. This may decrease the number of items stolen and the extent of damage done. Most importantly, it gives you peace of mind. Most systems rely on contacts placed at doors and windows and motion sensors. Motion sensors should not be used as the primary means of detection, as they do not detect someone until they are already in the house.

read more › In-wall and in-ceiling speakers are an unobtrusive way to fill your room with music, or add surround sound to your home theater. In-wall and in-ceiling speakers have become some of our best-selling models, and it's easy to see why. They finally sound good enough to satisfy those who care about audio quality, and are also a great solution for folks who don't want to give up their floor or shelf space to traditional speakers. Below, we'll take a look at the things you should consider when buying in-wall or in-ceiling speakers.

read more › No matter how you design it, whether it's a dedicated theater room or in your family room. We have systems for you that incorporate a High-Definition TV display, and a spectacular surround sound system that will make watching a movie or sporting event at home feel like a totally new experience. Whether you choose a Flat panel Plasma or LCD screen, a rear projection DLP or LCD TV or a two piece front projector and screen you'll be able to re-create a cinematic movie experience without leaving home.

read more › Multi-Zone Audio Systems give you the ability to hear music anywhere in your home. In fact, each room can be playing something different at the same time, at different audio levels, with just a touch of a button. Multi-Zone Audio enables you to make your choice through high quality components discretely concealed or tastefully presented in your central audio/video area. With your room controller keypads located throughout your home serving as convenient command stations that forward requests for volume, radio station, CD track, IPOD selection etc., to the central control system, instantly, the room or area you are in comes alive with the beautiful stereo of music playing through speakers installed flush into the walls or ceilings.

read more › Sleek, state-of the-art and modern intercom systems are now possible to install in your home. You'll never be more than a few steps away from answering the door, monitoring a child's room or communicating to another part of the house. Our Intercom Systems deliver superior sound as well aesthetics, by installing decorator style wall plates that blend into the homes decor. Deliver reliable communication within your home, from monitoring a baby's room or talking to someone at the front door.

read more › With a residential camera system you can see who is at the door at the same time as you keep an eye on your baby. You can also check on your home from almost anywhere in the world via the internet on a web enabled phone or PDA. HSNJ has designed asystem that you can easily view from your TV's or your laptop. Home monitoring has never been this easy! Simply put, you will never be out of touch with your home or family. Video Surveillance is an absolute necessity to nearly every business operating today!

read more › Home Systems of New Jersey offers professional in home Plasma TV installations and LCD TV installations. Worried about hanging & installing that brand new plasma TV yourself? We have different levels of plasma display installation services for differing needs, ranging from basic to comprehensive. Our trained experts will help integrate the Plasma TV into your home, concentrating on your preferences. A Plasma TV is an important investment and we understand that you will want to protect it with a dependable installation.

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