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We have been providing door access control card systems across the country for over 70 years. Card Lock Company got its start serving Veterans clubs after WWII and has since expanded into other fraternal organizations, healthcare, and manufacturing, using products solely manufactured in America. But as technology has improved and advanced, so have we.

Our research and development that began in the 1940s continues to stay abreast of new technology today. We strive to bring you the best in access card systems and want to serve your needs for many decades to come. Systems range from single door economy to multi-level computer-controlled systems featuring state of the art electronic access control and security features.

We partners with prestigious organizations such as Elks USA, the YMCA, and the Knights of Columbus. Recently, a leading packaging company contacted us about a need to track multiple expiration dates as part of their personnel compliance management. We created a unique solution to ensure proper access and training for all employees.

After WWII America's GI's came home and relocated all across the nation. As WWII combat veterans themselves, our founders recognized that Fraternal Organizations and private clubs of all varieties were springing up across the nation as vets and their families sought out local places to gather. The club managers and administrative assistants needed a

Card Lock Company provides solutions for access control systems including electric door strikes and card readers for a variety of key card access systems to meet your specific needs. Electric strikes are electromechanical locks that are placed on the inside of the door frame. When electrical power is supplied to the electric strike it holds the latch

Card Lock Company provides smart card door access control system technology that delivers the most secure type of key card with a higher level of encryption than a standard proximity or RFID cards. Security threats have increased over the years, yet many organizations continue to use outdated access control technologies that allow for unnecessary vulnerabilities

Card Lock Company offers you mobile access control for your business, along with our partners. Thanks to an operating system-agnostic platform, access control is seamless no matter which side you're on in the great Android/IOS face-off. Mobile access readers offer a much longer read range than key cards, making garage and vehicle access less of a hassle

Proximity Card Door Lock Systems use a series of radio waves to read and capture information stored on a fob, tag or solid plastic card. When a user places their keycard near the RFID card reader their credentials are submitted and access is either approved or denied by the customers software. Our proximity card door lock access control systems using

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