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Audio listen-in and talk-back service available with all new systems. This allows the central station operators to listen to and respond to any emergency while the authorities are on the way to your home or business. Our alarm signals are sent to the central station redundantly and simultaneously by telephone and two-way radio telemetry. This method of transmission promotes the overall reliability of the signaling system.

If you already have a system in place, chances are we can save you money on your monitoring fees regardless of who initially installed the system or who is currently monitoring it. We will provide and install an AES telemetery transmitter as a "signing bonus" for 1/2 price at $393.00.

read more › If you have had your telephone connection to your home or business serviced or if you have changed to a new carrier, it is VERY important that you check to make sure that the security system is still properly wired to the telephone connection. If it is not, the alarm system may not be able to send information to the monitoring center in the future. While you have them on the line, cause your alarm system to send a phone test to the monitoring center. Read your user manual for instructions on how to do this.

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