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NewVision Security We stay on the forefront of leading technologies from companies like Honeywell, Digital Monitoring Products (DMP), and March Networks. Smart Security systems allow you to maintain complete control of your property at all times. Integrated alarms alert the proper authorities when necessary. Monitor remotely from hundreds of miles away. Smart Fire Alarms and Smoke Detectors to Protect Your People and Property.

Businesses with mission critical operations trust NewVision Security to deliver innovative fire alarm solutions with exceptional value. We understand that the system is only as good as the team that installs it. NewVision Security is your local service team for security systems, home automation, and alarms systems. You might need a simple security system to protect from break-ins or a system that catches criminals.

Maybe your current system is out-of-date, or you want to be able to keep a watchful eye out. Maybe you're current system is down more often than it is working and you want new equipment and amazing support.

read more › The leader for more than 25 years, NewVision Security has the people, technology, and processes in place to provide the best security systems in America. FROM A SMALL FARM, Cameron grew up with exposure to working on police cars and CCTV cameras. It wasn't long before electronics became his passion. He started NewVision out of a garage, working to get the company up and running. Nearly a year later, he had left his job, rented a shop, and NewVision became his full-time focus. Our team has grown so much in the past few years.

read more › Having maintenance done on your house? A home security system adds a visual deterrent and allows you to check-in from your phone. Choosing a home security system can seem overwhelming but it's quite simple when you break it down. Home security systems can be tailored to suit any budget with much less hassle than you might imagine. Basic Home Security - Basic home security can be as simple as a doorbell camera and a single sensor entry alarm. The doorbell camera captures video of your visitors and will send push notifications directly to your phone.

read more › The leader for more than 25 years; NewVision Security has the people, technology, and processes in place to provide the best security systems in America. We've got your properties covered! We had five branches that were all upgraded to provide the best security for our customers and employees; i.e. Businesses lose billions each year to theft, shrinkage, and vandalism. An integrated security system enhances productivity and creates a visual deterrent for theft and burglary. These systems include high-definition surveillance cameras, fire alarms, burglar alarms, access control systems, and indoor/outdoor security lighting options.

read more › Despite their differences, both banks and credit unions require a high level of security and reporting for their employees, customers, audit trails, and compliance. NewVision Security is the most trusted name in security for financial institutions -with hundreds of installations throughout the state of North Dakota. We offer fully-integrated bank security systems for intrusion, burglary, fire, and access control. Financial institutions require reliable audit trails to ensure the highest level of branch integrity.

read more › Local, state and federal agencies count on NewVision security to meet their demanding requirements for security systems, video surveillance, and access control systems. There's good reason why NewVision Security is the government contractor of choice for security systems, video surveillance, and access control systems. With over 25 years of experience, NewVision Security is uniquely qualified to deliver optimal outcomes on nearly any sized project and any type of government building. We are HSPD-12 compliant and willing to work with your legacy products and approved product list.

read more › Hospital and Clinics require a high level of security for patients as well as staff and visitors. Whether it's you or a loved one in the hospital, we all expect that hospitals and clinics will be a safe place when we're in a vulnerable place. The truth is that hospitals and clinics require a high level of security for staff as well as patients and visitors. NewVision Security is the trusted leader for healthcare facility security systems and surveillance. Video surveillance and monitoring ensure that your patients are safe and that visitors and staff act according to your policies and procedures.

read more › Schools and universities of all sizes benefit when they keep students and faculty safe. New technologies help control access to your school and track visitors across your campus. School tragedies have prompted a new wave of technologies aimed to secure our schools and universities. Although there is no single best answer to stop an intruder, there are systems and security measures we can use to protect our children from bullying and violence. For many schools, this requires a layered approach which may include visitor management policies, access control systems, video surveillance, Automated License Plate Recognition (ALPR), and even facial recognition.

read more › Protecting churches and places of worship brings a unique set of challenges. The security systems cannot be intrusive overbearing. Metal detectors and rigid access control systems are not an option for shared spaces. We'll make sure your church's security system is discreet so it will continue to foster a community of inclusion. Similar to local businesses, churches are designed to be inviting spaces where people can go to connect and recharge themselves spiritually. We want our churches to be inclusive spaces that can be visited at service times and throughout the week.

read more › Utility companies have unique requirements for their security systems and video surveillance. North Dakota companies with electrical substations, power plants, and critical infrastructure, trust NewVision Security as their security contractor of choice. Video surveillance plays an important role in the physical security of your substations and they can also give an early warning for a wide variety of events including equipment failure and crime. Together with your security system and access control systems, you're able to detect events quickly to thwart crime, protect mission critical equipment, and capture valuable information to improve operations.

read more › Safety and security can make or break a business in the Bakken. The top companies in the oil field demand powerful surveillance solutions for high-risk environments and remote working locations. Visual Deterrent - Reduces risks such as trespassing, theft, vandalism organized crime, and civil protest. Safety Protocol - Captures safety violations and helps ensure workers follow safety rules and regulations. Safety measures across oil and gas facilities and infrastructure must be kept as effective as possible on a constant basis.

read more › Your tenants will pay a premium for peace of mind. We build security systems specifically for storage units to protect your buildings and your tenants' belongings. If you manage or own storage units then you know there are unique challenges related to security. You're securing commercial buildings, surface lots, access points, plus lots of personal property. At the most basic level, storage units require locks and security cameras but there are other tools and safeguards to help you to control theft, vandalism, tailgating and squatting in your storage units.

read more › We build security systems specifically for Farms and Ranches to provide security for your home and outbuildings as well as safety and peace of mind for your livestock during calving season. Farms and ranches have very specialized and unique requirements for security systems and monitoring. Especially in North Dakota where calving season is face-biting cold and you'd prefer to stay in your warm bed. Our ranch security systems serve two purposes; they help keep your family safe and they help protect your assets including your machinery and livestock.

read more › When it comes to fire protection, the stakes are high and the variables go far beyond occupancy and industry. It's the reason we've dedicated ourselves to staying at the forefront of fire safety and life protection systems. Fire alarms have ethical, legal, and financial considerations that vary from site-to-site. You'll need a team that understands the unique requirements to protect the lives and property from harm. Few things are as important as having the right fire alarm system installed correctly in your business.

read more › Our team is dedicated to assisting you with a high level of service and support. We can service and troubleshoot nearly any type security system as well as access control systems, and fire alarm systems. What can we help you with today? We've compiled a list of the most helpful resources for your FAQs and organized them by manufacturer. Once the power is ON you should see a blinking red LED light. Verify that you are connected to a transformer that has power from 10-36 VAC 10 VA current to adequately charge the SkyBell.

read more › NewVision Security is growing rapidly in the electronic security industry serving the residential, commercial, industrial, energy, institutional and agricultural markets. We provide the very best in access control, fire, intrusion, and video surveillance systems. We're a team that shows up and thinks fast. We bring our best each day because success is never owned and excellence is a practice. You'll be proud to work alongside this hearty group of professionals full of ambition, drive and energy.

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